We’re here to help players through challenging times and ensure their rugby experience is a positive one.

We provide support to players and their families who need their rugby family more than ever. As part of our commitment to player welfare & wellbeing the Australian Rugby Foundation provides funding to three key initiatives:

1) In partnership with Hearts in Union & the Cauliflower Club, the Australian Rugby Foundation administers the Welfare Fund for Rugby Union players affected by serious injury.

2) We also fund Rugby Australia’s Serious Injury Case Manager who works closely with Sports Chaplaincy Australia (SCA) and the Australian Rugby Foundation to ensure the overall pastoral care program and plans are delivering best practice community care.

3) The Australian Rugby Foundation has also partnered with the Tooth Foundation and Ian Tucker Foundation to provide funding for Rugby Australia’s concussion management program or the blue card program.

The blue card is an awareness tool and visual cue used by referees to send players from the field if they believe they are experiencing symptoms of concussion. Players are unable to return to the field and have to pass a set of medical guidelines before returning to action.

Make your tax-deductible contribution today in support of the welfare & wellbeing of rugby players around the country.