Read how this club raised $10k in four weeks

Thu, Oct 17, 2019, 12:27 AM
Loryn Ettridge
by Loryn Ettridge

The Adelaide University Rugby Union Football Club is leading the charge with their fundraising efforts after raising almost $10,000 in four weeks. Their main goal was to improve their club rooms and have some left over to support players in High Performance programs. Club committee member Daniella Di Girolamo heard about the support being offered through the Australian Rugby Foundation.

‘’I was immediately excited about the potential of the toolkit to help us raise funds for the club,’’ said Daniella.

The club then hosted a special ‘Heritage Round’ and spread the word through social media, newsletters, emails and in person. Donations were collected through the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) website and delivered straight to the club.

‘’The ability to make donations tax-deductible was a fantastic benefit, particularly since we began our fundraising just before end of financial year.

‘’I have been pleasantly surprised by just how easy the whole process was, from setting up the ASF page to generating donations.

‘’As someone who has done a lot of fundraising in the past within Rugby, the ASF delivers so much more bang for your buck.’’


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