Past Events

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Australian Rugby Foundation Bledisloe of Beer and Wine Festival
Enjoy spectacular views of the harbour from the Rooftop Bar and help decide the greatest rivalry off the pitch ahead of the Bledisloe Cup. Australian and New Zealand Wine and Beer makers will go head to head, showcasing their products with VIP's from both sides of the Tasman. Spots are limited, click through for more information and to book your tickets.
The Australian High Commission London Event
The Australian High Commission and Australian Rugby Foundation are holding a sports in conversation cocktail event on the eve of the 2018 London Rugby 7s.
Australian Rugby Foundation Leadership Series - Brisbane
This program provides employees, clients and Australia Rugby Foundation members the opportunity to connect, network and engage with leaders in sport. 
ANZCCJ Exclusive Interview with CEO of Rugby Australia: Diversity on and off the field

Please join the Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Japan for a cocktail event to celebrate Rugby Australia's CEO, Raelene Castles, visit to Tokyo,