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Community / Grassroots Fundraising Strategy

As the National fundraising body for rugby in Australia, we strive to become a key component of recurring revenues to Rugby in Australia. As part of this strategy, we are rolling out the ARF Community/Grassroots Fundraising Strategy. The Foundation has been working to bolster our community and grassroots support and this strategy will aim to work with state bodies and clubs to encourage and mentor club based fundraising programs. We are excited to continue to support the development of junior and grassroots rugby.

Strategy Summary

  • ARF in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF)  will support State Unions and Rugby Clubs in their fundraising efforts.
  • Support current registered Rugby fundraising projects with the ASF
  • Increase the number of registered Rugby fundraising project with the ASF
  • Increase the philanthropic $ into Australian Rugby
  • Rugby Fundraising Toolkit plus fundraising workshops in each state to deliver ‘Best Practice’ fundraising principles