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Deadly 7s

To mark the one year anniversary of the ARU's Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Indigenous Qantas Australian Women's Sevens player Mahalia Murphy visited Shalvey Public School in Western Sydney earlier in May. Students participated in a Deadly 7s session which is an ARU program aimed at increasing Indigenous rugby participation in primary schools that was launched in 2016. By driving investment into the Deadly 7’s Primary School Program, the ARF can continue to support this program which aligns with the national school curriculum. It is designed specifically to provide the first taste of rugby to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary school boys and girls across Australia currently completing Year 5 or Year 6.

The Deadly 7s program which was rolled out in the middle of 2016, is focused on promoting the importance of attending school and gaining a good quality education. It also educates the boys and girls on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, teamwork and connecting with their culture. The target for first year of implementation was 400 participants. Successfully however, the program reached a massive 2,426 Indigenous children in first six months of operation.